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The BioCASe Monitor Service

Jana Hoffmann, Franck Theeten, Falko Glöckler, Thomas Pfuhl

The BioCASe Monitor Service is a tool for coordinators of networks of biodiversity databases that are based on the BioCASe Provider Software (BPS). The first part of the tool allows registration of BioCASe providers and their data sources and displays all relevant information in a compiled view, e.g. provider name (linking to the access point URL), list of data sources, total number of records and of unique values per concept (i.e. number of units, number of multimedia objects), date of last modification and other useful links including a mapping checker tool and the respective BPS instance. The relevant configurations can easily be set and modified in a user friendly administration interface. The second part of the tool is a service that checks the mapping of a provider to the ABCD (Access to Biological Collection Databases) and ABCDEFG (Access to Biological Collection Databases Extended for Geosciences) schema by displaying the mapped concepts, counts (total and unique) and sample values. It can also check the compliance of the ABCD/ABCDEFG mapping with other exchange schema. This part of the tool is also useful for the providers, as it offers a comprehensive overview of the mapping of their data and associated values, reports required data that are missing and lists their corresponding concepts in the destination schema. In the EU funded project OpenUp! the BioCASe Monitor Service is used to monitor the progress of the provision of multimedia objects to Europeana. Furthermore, it is a useful tool for the coordinators of the content-providing work packages as a quality check of the mapping of the associated metadata in the ABCD or ABCDEFG schema and its required compliance with the Europeana Sematic Elements (ESE), the Europeana standard. The tool is being developed in close collaboration between the OpenUp! team (Work Package 4 & 7) and the GBIF-D team at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany.

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